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Re: Any pilots out there / in here?

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Thanks TC

I appreciate your offer for help, and thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong - no reply to my intro thread!

Reading between the lines and looking at what you're doing, I think I will still go off to FL to get 'a' license and build some hours and then worry about my conversion when I get back.

I am beginning to think I am dreaming about the whole thing to be honest. I want to be able to fly my family back to the UK every once in a while and to UK and Croatia on business, but what with the need for two engines, the lack of DA42s in the country (you only need a type-rating from single engine rather than multi-engine rating to fly one of these), the conversion from FAA to JAR issues, the weather, the time (and price) of completing my trianing here and IR... well, I start to think 'no chance'. But you have to have a dream right? I just need to figure out the most practical way of turning that into a reality.

If you have any words of wisdom on this I would appreciate that too!



I think you have a well-defined mission, that's a good start. There are several planes that fit the mission, not all of them may fit the wallet. It's not a bad idea to get your license (PP with IR) elsewhere, but please make sure it's a reputable school that will get the job done and that you get the hours in your logbook to get it converted here. The BAZL checklist will have that info.

Zurich to London City airport is about 473 miles ... if you get an older Bonanza (can be had for around $100k) that cruises around 140 KIAS that's about a 3.4 hour trip, pretty easy assuming weather and air traffic control play nice.

Not sure why you are so focused on a twin ... increases the price tag (initial and ongoing) significantly while only yielding marginal speed and safety improvements. Now a Diamond Twin Star is nice, but it's also pretty darn expensive. And as a fresh multi-engine pilot it is really hard to get affordable insurance.

Here is a good start:

Get your PPL and IR in the US. Fly enough hours to make the BAZL happy. Then get your JAR license. Slowly spread your wings in Switzerland. Rent. It's expensive and not as flexible, but you skip the initial cash outlay. And nice birds can be rented ... there is a cute Mooney in Wangen-Lachen that will cruise fast.

Then when you got the hang of it, buy a share of a plane that fits you. 1/4 or 1/3 is what I will be looking for in a while. Helps offset incidental costs and still gives you the joy of (co-) ownership.

Hope that helps. And yes, a DA 42 requires a multi engine rating, hither (BAZL land) and yonder (FAA land). Heck, even a Cessna Skymaster (inline thrust) requires it ...
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