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Re: Non EU on 1 yr renewable B Permit eligible for unemployment insurance

Hi All

Just an update on this matter as I think there are probably a lot of us who are on 1 year renewable b permits that are linked to their employers, and who arent EU citizens.

I cant get a straight answer on this from any source, not the immigrations people, not the RAV, nor senior people within either department. No body knows which I find very confusing.

To me its straight forward, either a non EU citizen with a B permit linked to their employment is either eligible for benfits or not. If yes, of course their must be certain criteria that is met, such as the required time limits of paying insurance etc. Despite posing this question many times, the answer is We dont know.

In my case I have applied for the insurance, yet it seems that there is no criteria that I am awaer of against which this will be assesssed. And if there is, no body can seem to tell me what it is.

I find this quite disturbing that one can contribute to the unemployment insurance for the otherwise required time, yet not ever actually be ever entitled to claim such uninsurance. In essence, it isnt then an insurance, but a social security tax. This is fine, but it would be helpful to be told that with certain types of permits that you arent ever actually entitled to claim uninsurance benefits - even if you meet the other criteria - and that you are simply contributing compulsorily to the Swiss social security system.

If anyone has ever been in this situation, or knows something that might help me, Im all ears. I think getting a straight answer on this is something that is important for many of us.

Also, to answer the question that was posed before, I resigned from my job and my 1 year B permit expires in August 2011.

If my situation would be different if I was made redundant or was fired it would also be helpful to know, but even the authorities do not seem to know this. Even the two lawyers I have spoken to on this subject do not seem to know the answer. Hence my exterme confusion, and frustration.

This is one of those times that being an expat is very lonely and daunting and one just doesnt know where to turn or what to do, and cant help but feeling helpless.
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