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Re: I need advice on Citizenship through Ancestry

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So i'm kind of skeptical on my chances of actually obtaining citizenship.
No reason to be skeptical. It seems like it will be relatively straightforward, especially as you said you have close family in St. Gallen. I am assuming you are in contact with them and have visited, which will more than satisfy the close-contact requirement.

Swiss law is very clear. The summary on the website mud gave is up-to-date and completely in line with current Swiss law. If you would like to look up the law on your own, these are the relevant ones (in German but available in French and Italian)

The whole process will probably cost somewhere between 300 – 600 Swiss francs, as stipulated in the Ordinance on Fees:

And, if you don’t apply by 32, you have another chance at reinstatement by moving here. After living here for three years, you can apply for a reinstatement, “Wiedereinbürgerung”.

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I'm not sure but I'd assume jus sanguinis is probably not articulated in any Swiss laws and more akin to a peremtory norm of continental european...ism.

It is hardly a peremptory norm, but simply codified law. In France and Italy they have a mixed system, which will be reflected in their respective codes. As you are a lawyer, I am sure you can easily find the relevant sections in the Swiss Civil Code.
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