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Re: electricity out in most part of the studio, what to do?

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What you are looking for looks like this. There are different amps and they are colour coded (little dot in the middle).
Yes!! My husband and I managed an apartment building on fuse box electric. Buy lots. This may happen all the time... And as Mrs. Doolittle poointed out, pay attention to the color coding to make sure it's an exact match. It must be the same color, amp, etc so be sure to take the blown fuse with you. It's usually pretty obvious which one blew as it looks burnt. Fear not! Next time if will be as easy as changing a lightbulb!

In the meantime, while it's out, test the wall plugs to see if any are on the fuse that is still operating. In our last apartment, which was in the USA so the electric is much different, we couldn't have our kettle and hair dryer going at the same time. The entire apartment was on two fuses!!! If you have some plugs that run on the fuse that is still good, then maybe you can move some things and balance it out a bit.

Isn't being on fuses fun??