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What is the capital gains tax on profits booked via gold / silver sale in Switzerland?
Did this get answered? I was looking for similar info and have poured through all 11 wonderful pages. I deduce that there's only VAT if you declare it?

I have been reviewing this project for almost a year, slow I know, extracting info from UBS bankers has been a cultural awareness pHD, I now appreciate that I have to ask the right questions and if I don't get an answer it could mean they don;t wnat me to know or that they don't know or that it is an unknown or that I'm an idiot and they don't want to embarrass me.

Depsite the price dramas of this planet's wealth standard, I am still hoping to purchase some, though it will probably not be held with UBS, though maybe bought from them. They couldn't believe that I asked whether storage fees inlcuded insurance - it appears they do not insure their gold but, they told me they have lots of secruity guards, they are a Swiss bank! They also told me there is no big difference to London Fix- ha ha ha

and so it has taken me along journey to be able to make decisions. I have looked long and cautiously at, they seem clean, but I don't know....... someone else said you need to be able to touch it quickly and even UBS's individual metal safe custody is not that easy to access if they go bankrupt., While they probably won't, we could be living in the last days when a loaf of bread will cost a bar of gold........maybe I'll open a bakery ...akin to buying farmland.....2012 is soon upon us.

any news from the previous contributors on this thread? you have been quiet for a few months I see. Cashboy, Chenzug, Confloozed and Maverick ? thanks in anticipation
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