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Re: New Business...importing things, clothing, food, misc things from the USA

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I am planning to live in Basel soon and I am interested in information on "the rules" about bringing items clothing, food, misc items in from the USA to sell there in Basel/Switzerland. Is this legal? Do I need a permit of some sort?

I would sell these items on my website, at the local flohmarkets and maybe on ebay/ricardo too?

Does anyone know the "rules" or can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks a bunch!!
If importing goods for supply was illegal we wouldn't have much in Switzerland would we ?

The normal business rules apply and depending on volume you will need to register for MwsT (Sales Tax) and of course you will pay import duties on everything you bring in - your shipping handler will normally handle this for you.

Just be aware the Swiss are not big online shoppers - not sure if that's because the services aren't there of because they are, well, Swiss.
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