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Re: Can't read a letter I got from a Assurance company

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I think if you ignore it then they'll move the money to a blocked bank account. You'll be able to transfer it from there into another pension fund at a later date (or ignore it).

E.T.A. - The fact that it's only 8 month's worth might mean you can take it as cash. I seem to remember, on the form that I recently filled out to transfer my pension, something to the effect that small amounts can be withdrawn. So contact the company on the off chance. You might get some beer tokens.
They'll move it to a blocked account after about a year. If you hold it long enough there without claiming it (more than about 5 years), it could be a real pain to get it back.

Typically when you leave an employer you would get these forms soon after. The amount is likely non trivial, although it depends how long you were working for the old employer for and your age. If you were there for a year, are 40 years old and made more than 80000, the minimum would be probably around 5k, possibly more if your plan was above the minimum level. Getting the details of your current pension fund and sending those to the old pension fund should take you less than 2 hours, so it seems like a good deal.
We actually don't keep track of that record... You need to call the European fecal standards and measuremments office in Zürich, their number is listed on thier website
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