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Re: Israel - Palestine - Part 2

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I dare say that there is some truth in that, but if aggressors would stop killing them, poisoning them stealing their land, destroying their livelihood, then maybe they wouldn't resort to suicide bombings.

The truth is in the numbers- what is it? - 100 Arabs for every 1 Israeli?

Anyway according to the Muslim haters the numebr is 72 you should check with your colleagues, they are the ones coming up with the number and it sounds like they are getting pretty miffed about not getting the same deal.

Personally I am not that obsessed with counting virgins
so when someone breaks into your home tonight & puts a loaded gun to your head, and you manage to overpower him & take his gun etc. you are the agressor.
Have the Israelis started ONE of these wars?
Have they acted ONCE without provocation?
Come on, see the facts!