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Re: Do I have to get a TV licence from Billag?

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Hmm. Thought i'd look into the Billag business as a large fine would really b***er things up for us and it gives a monthly breakdown and a 'trimester' breakdown. Now, each post that mentions how often you pay says it's quarterly. Just how often do they expect you to cough up and is it possibly to pay monthly?
We've been on cablecom digital for a few months now and no letter from them yet...
From my experience, you can arrange to pay them monthly as a one-off (I had some hefty medical bills to cope with at the time), but I had to fight for that, and once I paid the first month, they sent me a letter oh-so-nicely thanking me, and demanding the rest within 7 days, or they'd send me a Betreibung.

This fine thing appears to be new. The advice I got just over 7 years ago was to wait for them to find me, and they did as soon as I installed a phone at home.

However, they have apparently started an advertising campaign, and you can find the videos here.

The first one on that list is completely dire. I wish you luck trying to make sense of it. Oh, and for Mac users, it's in the wonderful .WMV format , so you need the likes of VLC to view it.