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Re: Unemployment benefits - After the PhD

What about a language barrier? I reckon the courses are in German, whereas the working language at the potential jobs is English. What is the abbreviation of RAV? Is it really the unemployment office?

I'm wandering whether I should really contact this office (which at first sight looks to me 'too local' and irresponsible for special cases like mine) or some other office in order to figure out whether I might be entitles to an extension of my work permit for 18 months as indicated by some forum member in above...

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Last I checked if you have paid unemployment tax for the previous 2 years you are entitled to 70% of your last pay if you have no kids, 80% if you have kids. It is capped at a certain income level, but you are nowhere close. You will have to provide monthly documented evidence that you are applying for jobs (something like 10 applications a month), and have a monthly meeting with your assigned RAV person. Plus attend a course for the newly unemployed. It can be quite a humiliating experience as many of the people on the course will be uneducated, or unemployable people, but I think they do that on purpose to scare the crap out of you.
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