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Stroller/pram/buggy for two kids

So after days of researching for the best in-line duo stroller my choices came down to:

Baby Jogger City Select- Seamed great but many reviews said it handled like a truck and not good for taller kids (me and my wife are tall, and so is my son for his age) No good.

Phil & Teds (Explorer or Hammerhead) - Second seat seems second class to me, plus I read many reviews saying it was cheaply made (tires popping, plastic breaking) and their customer service was god awful. Plus I am afraid that the 2nd class child will hit the bottom when going over uneven terrain or curbs. That and everyone and their mother has one here. Boring.

Britax B-Ready Duo - This one looked promising except for the wheels, not very off road friendly. I thought I could take this to my cousins mechanic shop and modify it by putting on some better wheels. ( a bit extreme I know, but I was willing to do it)

So just when I thought that I was going to buy the britax and have it custom chopped (true so-cal style). Low and behold a light from heaven came down, or I entered the wrong search one of the two. The Mountain Buggy +one found its way onto my computer screen. PERFECT! Exactly what I was looking for. An in-line duo that I can go hiking with. Only problem is there are no reviews yet as it will not be released until March. So my question is does anyone have any of the three listed above or a Mountain Buggy? What are the pros and cons of your stoller living in Zurich / CH?
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