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Re: Skirt steak?

I think it would be a huge sin to use it for grinding into burgers, but we get our skirt steak here (and have it shipped to my mother in law over the border in Germany):

Search for "Wagyu Skirt Steak" on the site. This is the top quality stuff, that which the Argentinians call "entraņa". It's my favorite cut of steak, so I pay the steep price to be able to continue eating it here in Europe. And I'm the only woman I know whose in-laws gave her a big drawer of frozen meat for a Christmas present. It was the best present I've gotten in years.

For those searching locally, you might not be able to find a good one. When I first moved here and was trying to find it, I drove to Luzern and asked at the Argentinian restaurant there. The owner is Argentinian, and he told me not to bother with local beef. He said that even if I was able to get a butcher to cut me the right piece, the quality of the milk cows they use for beef here makes it taste inedible if you're used to the good beef cow cuts. He doesn't serve entraņa at his restaurant for this reason. For me it was shocking and sad to see an Argentinian restaurant not serving it.
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