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Re: FAQ: A brief guide to salaries in Switzerland

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As a starting point, the Median Family Income is CHF109,236. So you can base your initial assumptions on that.
If that figure is correct, then it is not ridiculous for newbie to ask if 100,000 CHF is enough to live comfortably for a family and 2 kids One should keep in mind that for expat-families, there is very often only one salary for the family, while in the previous "country" there was probably 2 salaries for the family and a very comfortable standard of living (note: I am more in less in that case with my family; and I can add that being a foreigner makes life more expensive compared to locals, for several reasons, at least for a while)

However, I think too that it is annoying that the same question keeps on being asked (can I live with a salary of 90-120 K CHF), so thanks a lot Village Idiot for this comprehensive post.

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