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Re: AHV number ... which one is it????

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Just this once, I'll explain. I sit around Modding on here; moving the odd post, cleaning up a bit of spam on the forum and looking out for folk who might need help. Saturday afternoon there are not many members on here.
The OP (cheesey) came on here with a question. Your first answer would only confuse the issue a bit. Then another answer came with a link which is helpful but not quite conclusive. I still think I can reassure the OP that we are on the right track. You make a second post which adds info but still leaves things open. 'The Insurance Card' could be for any insurance. Maybe the guy has several. Assista is only the name of an Insurance company and has, as far as I know, nothing directly to do with the AHV. By then I've dug out my AHV stuff, checked the way the number is written and posted a reply. In the meantime jrspet, another mod, comes up with super pictures which he has put in which help to make it all much clearer. Just before they appear, Cheesey comes back and says

"thanks guys, that's really helpful. Yes it turns out my insurance card actually calls it AHV-Nr which really really really helps".

Quite honestly, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. At the same time, I wanted to have a little giggle as his expense. And why not? I assumed by his reply that he realised how daft this all was. I'm still laughing in spite of the groan!

Ok now i know why

do you want me remove my Graon ?!

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