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Re: How many times am I required to show an apartment I am leaving?

Check that the agency dont just put up an ad on the internet and advertise your number with it! That's what happened to us.

We were getting calls on our mobiles and house phone at all times of the day. We did arrange a couple of block viewings, but all too often the prospective tenants said they couldn't make it and wanted an individual viewing.

Also, if the agency are advertising your apartment, check that they are giving the correct information. The amount of calls we got just to ask what size the apartment was and if it had a view was really frustrating.

In our case, we handed in our notice to leave well before the contractual deadline, so we did make an effort to accomodate most people and we even advertised privately as well in the hope that someone would take the apartment earlier.

As I understand it, unless you have a very accommodating agency, it is expected that the you arange with the prospective tenant any viewings (unless the apartment is vacant, in which case the agency does get involved).

I wouldnt worry too much about the boxes. Perhaps try and put them in one room, or in the cave? As mentioned in an earlier post, it's expected that when you are moving, there may be boxes or dismantled furniture lying around. I deliberately kept the nicer looking rooms clear of clutter to try and show off the apartment's potential and stacked the boxes up in a spare room.

Best of luck
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