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Re: Neighbour's dog barking

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Yes thanks, taking a small non-bone doggie gift is a good idea. The building is generally quite sound-proof so maybe the neighbour doesn't know that the barking can be heard.

I'll try a nice chat first
Really pleased to hear that you are taking this approach. Good for you for being a tolerant neighbor.

As the owner of an Extreme Belltie, I know how annoying this can be - even when he's my own dog!

While I am working on my mutt's behavior, it has been helpful to have constructive comments from neighbors, so that I can better focus my training efforts. A calm polite discussion along the lines of 'lets find a way to fix this' is what is in order.

Just so you know, depending on the cause of the barking, the owner's dedication to training, the dog's personality, etc. it can take quite some time to re-train this behavior.

So, even with the best will in the world, you probably won't see this cured overnight. If you can be patient, let your neighbor know when you notice little improvements, be supportive as she makes progress, that would be a wonderful thing - and would probably help her help her dog. A less tense the atmosphere may lead to quicker results; win-win for you both.

In your initial conversations with your neighbor, I would suggest coming to an understanding with your neighbor as to when you really need quiet, and when it isn't such a problem. While she is working on her dog's barking, perhaps she can adjust her schedule so as not to bother you so much...

(For instance, my Belltie does not go outside in our garden before 7AM, Between 9-10:00, between 12-14:00, between 16-17:00, between 19-20:00, and after 22:00. So should he happen to bark when we are out, he is unlikely to disturb anyone who is sleeping or napping or having a meal.)

If you think your neighbor would take this in the helpful spirit it is intended, an nice gift to bring would be Turid Rugaas' book: 'Barking, The Sound Of A Language':

And in German translation, 'Das Bellverhalten Der Hunde'

Hopefully this will stop as the dog settles in, hopefully this can be corrected without too much trouble, hopefully you'll soon have the peace you need. But the calm approach you are taking is the right one. Good on ya!
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