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Re: Civil Partnerships (PACS)

You would be abusing the system. Marriage is not there to be used just as a means to an end.

Sham marriages affect all of us in the long run. I find it difficult to believe that you would have the bare faced audacity to ask fellow foreigners to help you to do something that brings us all down in the eyes of the Swiss.
I'm not asking for your help, are you dense?

I'm asking for information.

As far as what "the Swiss" think as some type of "Kulturzeitgeist" I don't really care. They already think badly about foreigners, even those right next door...I've heard a lot in my 3 months here. Maybe you walk through the world worried about what people think of you, but I do not. If they don't pay my bills, take my test, work for me, provide me with food, etc they are unimportant.

And how the hell would any Swiss person know what is between myself and my fiancee in our own home anyway? You are pretty strange and sound a bit insecure.

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