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Re: Wife's employer didn't take out accident insurance (I think)

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And now my wife has had an accident.

I won't go into the gory details of it all. But my wife had an accident while we were visiting back in home in the UK. I delayed her flight for coming back. Since the accident involves burns I would like her bandages to be changed and for her burns to be checked for infections etc. when she comes back to Switzerland.

She works more than 8 hours per week as a nanny with a contract in Switzerland. The contract states the employer will provide accident insurance for her. When emailed about the details for this insurance the employer gave a very sketchy reply with strong suggestions that she should recover in the UK. When prompted further, no reply was received.

The NHS is underfunded enough without non-residents leeching off it IMO.

What would everyone suggest I do to move forward with this? I'm thinking to suggest that if she hasn't taken accident insurance then she can pay for any medical bills my wife has in Switzerland.

If they suddenly decide to be awkward about it then what? She has a legal obligation to insure her employees against accidents.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I live in the French speaking part of Switzerland.
Accident insurance or medical insurance? AFAIK, accident insurance is insurance for employee accidents sustained at work. Medical insurance is normally the obligation of the individual not the employer and is mandatory in Switzerland.
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