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Re: Financial Mis-selling to expats

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The thing is Swans, there was once a thread on EF with a great post (I know. Who'd've believed it?).
And the other thing is that EF is a community that works a bit differntly than most other online forums:
1. many members know each other personally and trust each other
2. we had over the years so many weird experiences from all sorts of spam over trolling to companies bullying the owners that we know most tricks in the book.

For those two reasons is it quite important to be honest on here if you want business from the members.

After all the events mirfield wrote about and the countless of calls we get each day, financial advice has turned into a pet hate of many on here. In January, there was a complete newby coming up and telling us all what an incredibly great experience she had with her advisor... (Post 44 on this thread: Many thought immediately that it is just hidden advertisement. I played the game and asked her for the name of her advisor. I got an unsolicited PM by you and you claimed to work for the company she recommended.

Now you write that you do not live here and not work in finance - but you find all the criticism completely unfair. Logical reaction: If you live in Spain and have nothing to do with financial advice in Switzerland, why do you bother to post here?
You know: If you really give up your job and moved away, why don't you just write something in the line of: "I used to be a financial advisor in Switzerland and can tell you that we are not all black sheep" and give us some insight on what to look out for: What's the good stuff, what to look out for to not get tricked into paying years of your plan as sales comissions?

Your emotional reactions and PMs just make me believe that there is more behind your posts again - just as "Social Butterflys" recommendation in January. I really think you underestimate us.

P.S: Please don't send me a PM for every of my post you don't agree with anymore. I will never answer them or discuss outside of the public forum.
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