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Re: Financial Mis-selling to expats

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they might actually create the impression that they were honest if they didn't send their lawyers out to close down every thread on this forum that calls them by name. Only those who fear the truth need to hide it.
And it is also a fact that people are at work trying to do an honest days graft (& concentrate on EF of course), they don't want to be disturbed.

I started another thread about this (Is being a financial advisor a bum job?), the type of posts complaining about these people proved that it is a service you really do have to hard-sell as most people are happy with other means of investing their hard-earned.

Finally, one of these companies tried to employ me (Geneva based), they were very cagey about answering salary questions (with only a mention of performance based renumeration at first when asked), the office stank & was tiny & overcrowded (the loo had piss all over it) & the general feeling I got was that they were only interested in how many signatures they had that week & proud of saying to me that if employees didn't perform in the second month they were out.

I cut the 'interview' short & I told them there & then that I wasn't interested in their job & was just as proud to tell them that as they would be me if I was stupid enough to work for them.

Also something about Panorama program too.

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