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Re: Syria - It ain't over till it's over

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A) Syria, already in the times of Assad Senior, stopped to be Socialist, and under Assad Junior, stopped Socialism alltogether

B) Kuwait has a Sunni majority of some 65%, so that your comparison is wrong

C) Religious Totalitarianism ? This would mean total rule of a religious group, and this in Secularist Syria is NOT the case

Sorry I'm flued up, my mistake I meant Bahrain.

I don't mind socialism I'm a Labour supporter.

As far as I know Assad is a Shiite Alewite, the power in Syria is in the hands of the Alewites.

If anything, these religious tensions never discussed publicly by officials in these nominally secular states are even more acute in Syria because Alawites have historically been viewed as heretics by most Muslims. President Assad persuaded a leading Lebanese cleric in 1975 to issue a declaration saying that Alawites were Shiite Muslims.
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