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Re: Are cars cheaper in Switzerland than in the UK?

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Can someone help me please.
What's the position if I buy a car in Switzerland,register it there (I have an apartment in Canton Bern so have been advised I could do this).Could I drive it home to the UK without restrictions ?
It would not be an import as it would be Swiss registered.
Suppose there may be a time limit on how long it could remain in the UK.
I travel from the UK to Switzerland and back five or six times a year and spend around five months over there,winter & summer.

New cars definitely less expensive in Switzerland.Also gas.Cheapest I've found, COOP @ CHF 1.66 which equates to approx 70p/litre
Of course you can drive it back to the UK but if you attempt to sell it or if you attempt to move back to the UK, the car becomes subject to import duties seeing as Switzerland is not part of the EU. As long as you are registered living in Switzerland and have a valid insurance policy, the car can stay there as long as it likes.

You can't. After I think 91 days in the UK you will fall under the residence rules.
Now here is something to consider VERY Carefully.

Your residence of origin ie the residence of your father was I assume English, also if you were born and lived the formative years in the UK you fall under this. This means you are nominally UK resident until such times as you can demonstrate you have left to live abroad.

The mere fact that you have a residence here does NOT mean that you are not UK resident. If you are spending 5 months per year in the UK you will fail the residence abroad test. In this case you will be fully liable to UK taxes as if you lived in the UK and your car will be treated as an import as soon as you drive over the border.

This is covered in Gaines-Cooper v HMRC. Here is a link:
Check out particularly the link leaving the UK and section 2.7 in that document.
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