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Re: Teenagers

Yeah, that happens if parents don't let them test too much on their own..I think people get overly controlling, always feel like they have to filter something, screen. They don't realize their kids' voices do count. And nobody really realizes that while you are dealing with a tot, basically a brand new baby who is wired to rebel and test, teens are not so so so wired to do tings the wrong way, as it is often assumed. When kids hit teens, it is all about what you have managed to install in them before that. How good and stable their family life was, how trusting their folks were, how well they can adapt to authorities, remain themselves but be part of a bigger team, venture out of the box but don't hurt themselves in the process.

It seems it is so random, all this teen mess, nobody really takes the time to see the perfect logic, the consequences, the bilogical factor in it..people get shocked by tatoos and sudden smoking, and desire to copulate. Ha. The best my folks did when they realized I was polite and set on having things my way, was to let me get my own experience, the hardest way possible. I grew up very fast. I am still laughing about having my ears pierced multiple places with mom, who went too. She went to punk gigs, had fun with my music buddies. Dad kept a notebook of most awful teen lingo to impress our friends, we still get amused at dinner table.

There is point in life adults have to realize, they cannot continue micromanaging everything. The real ground work is done years before teenagers get all tangled up in realization that their life is theirs. You can't have them run around without responsibility, but you can't dictate, either. Since, really, they don't have to need you. They do need you and they know it, but they do not have to anymore. I decided not to and I talk to my lovely teens to actually think before they make that step.
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