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Re: Teenagers

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I've the oft mentioned Miss L-P who is 2.5 years into teendom and have not found it that difficult. When her friends started having problems with their parents she told me about it and we then discussed us and them. I said "we could be like the others or we could try to understand that is is only the two of us and to have a sh*tty atmosphere for the next couple of years is not really the best way to live in a small apartment. Besides Mummy is a hell of a lot meaner than all your friends Mums combined and you know I have eyes in the back of my head.". She agreed to the latter.

99.9% of the time it's great- I only take action when she says something really stinky or her room becomes a toxic waste zone. Friday, I declared it as such and gave her till Monday morning to "do something about it". While I was at brunch Sunday there was an sms exchange:

Miss L-P: "My room is clean, my homework is done and I walked the dogs.".
J.L-P: Ahhhh bless. "Thank you Sweety*!, Mummy loves you.".
Miss L-P: "Can I go to "X's" (the boyfriend thing?)".
J.L-P: Grrrr. "Yes, Sweety* you can.".

Re: the boyfriend thing and Facebook (all social media); it has been made very clear to her ever since she started school that good grades = the world is your oyster. Yep, she is still getting her "honourable mentions" and grrrr (again) gets to keep the boyfriend thing.

Honestly, not a lot has changed here since she has become a teen, other than she has become taller than me and she is constantly in her room:

J.L-P: "Come out of your room and sit with Mummy.".
Miss L-P: yelling "I plan to come out when I am 18.".
J.L-P: with a resigned voice "Okay, although it's an Open Door Policy then."
Miss L-P: yelling again "Okaaaay, see you in a few... love you!".

It's a cross between "Gilmore Girls" and "Absolutely Fabulous" around here. The "Is Mummy fat?" dialogue from AbFab is the running joke chez the L-P's; I do whine a tiny bit like Eddy.

*I write "Sweety" in each sms to her.

Awwww! The Gilmore Girls all over again with a Swiss taste!
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