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I had to smile upon reading the thread...Nil don't worry ...your lass will turn out to be a fine young lady in those aforementioned 10+ years!!
I have ( had) three of this kind , though my eldests daughter recently spread her wings and moved in a flat in town with a girl friend.....

It was when she really hit puberty ,so I did some research over a long time and wrote this article for the NST

The research into it helped me BIIIIGG TIME ,although my eldest was by then in the later stages of this 'change' i was really well prepared when my other lasses started teenagedom,,,they are now 13 and 15 ..and yes they do have mood swings and occasionally are bitchy with each other ..but overall i thnk we have found the right balance for everyone
Wouldn't want to miss them .....teenies or not
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