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Birth in Switzerland: Your funny story!

We have so many pregnant girls on the forum right now, I was thinking to cheer them up with some funny stories we had in our birth experiences.

We are always ready to tell how hard and difficult it was and I am sure they heard plenty of horrible stories.

I'll start:

My labor began with the lost of the water. It was midnight and lucky me, I was in the bathroom so I didn't have a mess to clean after. When it happened and realised what it was, I was laughing so hard that I couldn't stop. Hubby who was in the living room asked me what was going on and I told him.

Him- Are you sure?
Me- Eh.... I just been into the bathroom, I didn't pee on myself....

I went into the shower. Washed hair, etc. came out and I see him going around like a maniac putting papers together, preparing bag, etc. I told him to relax, go to bed and sleep, it wouldn't start right away anyway.

Didn't take long, he was snoring... I couldn't sleep (no shit) so I was on the forum chatting. When the contractions kicked in, I called the hospital and they told me to take my time, rest, have a breakfast and come in the morning around 6-7 am.

The contractions were on and off so 20 something hours later (from the water loss) they told me to walk as much as possible to help the contractions to kick in since they weren't enough strong to actually progress into ''proper'' labor. So around 10 pm, we left the Uni hospital and walk to Markplatz and Barfi. Stopping every now and then with a :

-Wait..... arrrrg!............Nope, finish, keep walking... kind of contraction.

We met a friend couple in the street and it was so funny to see their face when they asked us what was up with us. I guess it is not what we are used to see about labor, isn't it? My parents on the phone were freaking out to know we were walking in the city while in labor (kind of)!

After, they had to induce and the funny story finish there !

Your turn!
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