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Plumbing, whose responsibility?


Im staying in a rented apartment in Zurich and have had no problems at all for the year and a half Ive been there. Just over a month ago there were really bad drainage problems that meant that water from washing up, washing machine etc would take hours to drain the water making all sinks baths and stuff unusable for the time taken for water to dissappear.

I intially thought there was something stuck down the drain so bought different chemicals reccomended on here to try and clear the drain. This did not seem to help as also an 8 metre drain cleaner made no difference.

Reluctantly I called my letting agent and told them the problem and a couple of days later a plumber came over and fixed the problem and I was very happy with being able to wash at home again. I speak next to nothing German but the plumber explained with sign language that he had replaced a part, all in all taking less than 2 hours everybodies happy.

About a month later I recieved the bill for the work done of over 300chf which I feel is expensive but oh well and im sure that has been mentioned before.

My main question is, am I responsible for this bill coming from England this would always be the Landlords reponsibility as part of wear and tear of a property and I did think it was similar here as did a couple of people I have mentioned it to. The replacement of the part would definitely look that way to me but am I looking at this wrong.

I have contacted the letting agent and they say it is my responsibility as in the contract it says "Kleiner Unterhalt".

I want to argue more as it feels like I shouldnt be responsible but dont wanna move out and dont even know if I have a leg to stand on.

Any advice greatly appreciated,
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