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Working as an independent tutor? (EU B Permit)

Hello all,

I am 'in discussion' with a group of families who want to start home schooling their children. They are looking for someone to teach 6 children for 15 - 20 hours per week, which they are describing as a 50% post. They want to employ someone who will be working on an independent basis and will bill them for services rendered.

I am a little unsure about this. I have been told that as an independent worker, I wouldn't be entitled to unemployment benefits. Seeing as at some point these kids are going to need tuition beyond my skills, that worries me. Likewise, I would imagine I would not be entitled to sick pay. Seeing as I don't enjoy perfect health, that scares me! Any thoughts?

Secondly, does this affect my permit? I'm EU, have a 5 year B permit "activité lucrative authorisé"... I've done bit of research and it seems that I would have to get permission to work independently - however I'm concerned as I doubt that this job would give me enough to live on. On the other hand, if this thread is correct I would have enough hours for a permit.

(To answer those people who are sitting there thinking "Well what does she live on at the moment? at present I get Revenue d'Insertion... there is a space on the claim form for earnings as a result of independent work, but I'm not sure that the Swiss authorities would be happy to subsidise me long term!)

I'm thinking that my best bet is to try and persuade one of these families to employ me as a tutor or governess, and then suggest and arrangement whereby the other families reimburse my employer for my services - so what I'm looking for are some really good reasons why they should do this!

Finally, they're being rather cagey about salary, as per usual. I'm a qualified primary school teacher (UK), 6 years experience, double first Cambridge degree (sorry, rather proud of that! )... I worked in a jardin d'enfants and was paid just under 50 fr per hour, at the same time I taught English in small groups and was paid 35 fr per hour. However I've been told by a friend who used to do childcare to ask 100 fr per hour... So I'm rather confused. I'm also concerned because I know that whatever the paperwork may say there would be additional preparation time involved... so without sounding greedy I'd be keen to get a higher hourly rate, to compensate for the fact that I would inevitably work more hours than specified.

Thanks for any advice... feeling rather scared after 18 months off sick (and having said I would never go back into education again, doubting my sanity)...

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