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Re: Do you believe in Extra-Terrestrial life?

the granularity and precision required for life to have formed on earth is so mind boggling that although it's not likely that the same set of circumstances to have occurred elsewhere, the probability that lifeforms elsewhere have evolved has to be high given the sheer volume of matter out there and taking into consideration the number or permutations for the conducive conditions; light, heat, water etc.

take baby J out of the picture, he is an excuse for us not being able to fathom, much like the inverse arrogance that we are 'it'.

As a Dutch astrophysicist once said to me... 'there is more going on between two slices of toast than cheese...'

Yep, the universe is (pun intended) astronomically huge. Yes, the probability for life (as we know it) is really, really small. But the universe is really, really big. So actually, it's even likely that life very much like us exists out there.

Although, as said elsewhere in the thread, the chances of ever meeting or communicating with it are extremely small if we take what we know about the laws of physics as being correct.

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