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Re: Health insurance suggestions for pregnancy?

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So, it really depends on how linked to the pregnancy the problems are.
Maybe I should clarify and say during pregnancy rather than during delivery. Our problems were with the placenta so couldn't be more pregnancy related if we tried and we had to pay the deductible still. I checked this out with the insurance ombudsman and they said the insurance was correct so there are definitely pregnancy related complications that you still have to pay the deductible for.

This is from a previous thread:

I contacted the insurance Ombudsman to clear it up. They said there are 2 areas of pregnancy cover under basic insurance, Special benefits for maternity (covered 100% by basic insurance and not included in franchise) and Complications of pregnancy (included in franchise +10% with a max of 700CHF per year above the franchise).

Special benefits for maternity includes:
  • 7 normal controls before birth,
  • hospital stay for birth (up to 5 days -more than 5 days the hospital needs to justify the longer stay),
  • midwife after birth (up to 10 days total incl. number of days in hospital ie. 4days in hospital +6midwife visits),
  • 1 after birth control
Complications of pregnancy includes:
  • (some) prenatal vitamins,
  • DVT stockings,
  • hospital stay/special procedures before birth,
  • extra (>7 ) controls for complicated pregnancy
  • extra (>1) after birth control
(Some of these can be covered by supplementary/extra insurance)

He also said that once you leave hospital after birth, if you need to go back it will come under the franchise so don't leave until you are sure everything is ok (doesn't matter if you have a low franchise or have paid it already)

(If I have got anything wrong here, feel free to correct me, I took notes while I was talking to the man but can be I mixed something up)

More detailed info is here (in german): Articles 13 to 16 of the Health Care Benefits Ordinance

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