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Re: "World's 50 Best Restaurants" include 2 from Switzerland

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At the Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, chef proposes two menus at a prices of over CHF 300 per person, so it had better be good! But do I really need to taste a mixture of violet and green asparagus? Will my life be uplifted? Does the poor peasant growing the stuff get any of the CHF 300,-- ?
I've eaten there, a few years ago. It was okay, but completely OTT for my tastes. What does the Restaurant Magazine league table or the Michelin system tell you anyway? They don't tell you these are two of the best restaurants in the world. They don't even mean they serve the best food in Switzerland.

I mean - I'm sure a lot of man hours go into the meticulous preparation of the dishes but how much value that adds to the diner is all subjective. Also, personally speaking, I don't like to pay for an army of under-utilized serving staff hanging around watching me eat. I like to see them rushing around like crazy, that way I know I'm paying for the food and not subsidizing too many staff.

I'm very skeptical of awards like this where a panel of industry insiders vote themselves. It's just an excuse to create a hype and perpetuate the myth of celebrity chefs so the industry can jack up it's prices.
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