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Best Country for Expats?

I just came across an interesting article ( NB not the DM's research ) about the best countries to live in for UK expats. Having been in Zurich for over half a year now, and loving it I might add, I was expecting to see Switzerland on the list. Especially with all the people on here saying how much they love it and the sheer number of people who moved here.

Is Switzerland really as good as I think, or am I still in the honeymoon period? I know being a student is a bit different, but I really could see myself living here permanently. I was just interested to know if people have any reasons why Switzerland wasn't mentioned, or what all the other countries do better.

1. Canada
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. France
5. South Africa
6. Portugal
7. Spain
8. U.S.
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Singapore
11. Hong Kong
12. China
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