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Bertrand - Geneva
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In Geneva we had (it seems some villages do it again) what we call "le feuillu).

A quick translation from wikipedia

In this holiday which begins with a procession, it is the children who are staged. The smallest are taken care by the biggest.
Each concerns the head a floral wreath. Two children play king and queen, they are held in front of the procession and give the rhythm
and the step of the procession, followed by the carriers of quenouillettes.
A construction of boughs was called " the animal " or " the Broad-leaved tree ", covered with ivy and with flowers, symbolizes
the victorious spring and is transported within the procession.
The Broad-leaved tree can also be " a model shaped by means of branches and completely covered with leaves who does not let see
the young man who skipped inside ".
The animal doubtless evokes the bear going out of sound hivernation.

For the occasion, fountains are cleaned and decorated.

The procession makes the tour of the village, sometimes by singing songs of the Party of the Broad-leaved tree
of Jaques-Dalcroze

I don't remember too much this thing, but it happens that I was, one year crowned as King.
I was put in a small decorated cart with "my queen" and we were transported through my village.
I still have a picture of me and my queen, which is quite a cute memory.

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