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Re: Kids -To facebook or not to facebook?

My soon to be 15 yr old daughter has an FB account since last year. I set it up and used the tightest security settings possible for it and adapt them immediately when i get the news that FB has changed something, like many other parents in here mentioned, I am also her 'buddy' on there,to check nothing untoward goes on .

She has to tell me when she wants to add a new buddy ( who it is and where she knows him/her from etc) as well as if she wants to upload personal pictures i want to see them before she is adding them to her site. So far my experience is really good and she accepts the rules without fuss.

FB is a good tool for me to stay in touch with friends scattered all over the world,for her its a tool to chat and while time away with her friends ....grins....typical teenager....they see each other during the day at school but apparently there is never enough time to talk about everything they want.

Because this experience is a good one for us I am thinking about allowing my soon to be 13yr old daughter the same.
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