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Re: Which bank to choose ? Which card/debit card/etc ? Help needed:)

Allanon you really are a well of information..I owe you one big time.

As long as I can see the true balance in 1 or 2 clicks and most banks provide this I'm very very happy.
I hate doing extra things by hand.
I just hope not to get to a bank which doesn't have something like this (in Romania we have cases like that) as I'm hinting there is no preview of their e-banking interface before opening an account with them. (will they show it upon request ?)

Well I can clear up the scary part for you here and explain it.
In Romania a medium salary (and I'm talking about net value / month , we're an exception here and we never talk about gross-yearly amounts as other countries do plus the employer pays all the contributions also on behalf of the employee automatically so we get directly the net amount) in IT might be 800-900 euro and a very good one 1800 euro to 2000 net.
The bank usually allows an overdraft of 3 * 1800 euro net if you sign an addendum to their contract and thus = 5400 euro for a debit card account.
I think that this is much the same amount or lower than what can be expected in that might be the reason why the banks here allow 3 salaries in overdraft (with a fee of course).
Credit Cards:
Do you automatically have at the end of the month the total expenses you've made during that month + an interest rate ?
Here in RO if we return the money during the same month then there's no interest (it depends on the bank but most of them offer this in case of POS payments; if you withdraw money physically then you have an interest tax from the beginning).

Also are there any special fixed installments / rates credit card there in Switzerland ?
Here we have 3 banks that offer special credit cards, let's say card A for bank A.
This is a Visa normal credit card but also on some special shops that have an agreement with bank A, card A allows to buy a product in either 3,6 or 12 fixed monthly payments without any interest (the interest is probably supported by the shop and included hidden somehow in the product's price).

With what you provided me in the last message I think I have all the needed ammunition to start browsing through each banks site and to ask them questions.
Thank you very much for that.

P.S. The AuM part I didn't get I googled and found it was Asset under Management (deposits + others, but didn't see if it also included the normal account for salary reasons)..but that didn't clear up to much of my doubts about what it exactly is.

Can you take the burden of the last things I've said also and help me out ?
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