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Re: Car insurance cancellation and insurance refusal

Well - policy cancelation was on ground of an accident and it's handling by insurance .

What I noticed is 1. my cancellation was accepted however never got any confirmation of it neither by phone , email nor mail ..

in meantime I got series of mails with request to pay policy fee every week or so .. making me assume it wasn't cancelled. Each time I called , they couldn't find cancellation , since it was registered mail finally it was found but was told ... by now I should have changed already and not it's too late ..
so insurance company claims that since I haven't changed to new insurance they try to say I have this way agreed to continue my policy with them at new terms which ofcourse wasn't the case.

So there is two quesions here:

Is this the case that you cancel policy (hapfliht and full-casco) however insurance never confimed that thy agree and what's the termination data - does insruance has right to claim that since you haven't changed , you agree to continue current policy or I have continue ?

2) since insurance claim is back-dated I believe should my car got stolen during that time - they would claim contract was cancelled and I have no legal contract with them , while now of course when risk is 0 , they try to get just money ?

3) when I cancell obligatory and full-casco , while not going to SVT with new insurance company to change papers (I woudn't until it's confirmed by former insurance ) are both policies still in place or only mandatory one (so not full casco) and as such insurance is attempting fraud here ?

Thanks in advance
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