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Re: Glass Kitchen Surface Question

In a former life before coming to CH, I used to be a bench joiner, building my own kitchens from scratch, so for my 2 cents here goes.

There are many pro's & con's for all materials being used in kitchen surfaces (solid timber/particle board/granite etc), you just have to consider which ones are important to you and which ones you are prepared to put up with.

Things to consider with glass:
  • + If cut and installed properly it can look stunningly beautiful (especially if you have an open plan kitchen/dining room)!
  • + Very easy to keep clean.
  • + You can have different shades, depending on your taste, but some obscure colours, might be more expensive.
  • - It WILL scratch, without a doubt (but then so does any other material), so ensure you have plenty of mats/pads etc for pans (regardless of whether they for hot or cold pans) as the bases will scratch the surface over time and glass will show them up more.
  • - If you have a large expanse to cover, I would consider having some form of accidental damage insurance for it. Unlike timber that can be repaired (if you get a good joiner) fairly easily, glass is susceptible to chipping on the edges, or cracking due to a heavy pan dropping on it etc. and it's unlikely you will get a good repair that won't be noticable.
That's my contribution. Hope it helps.
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