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Hi All,

I've recently taken up a job to work in central Zurich and have been
checking out various sites (,, to
look at rental accommodation (either an apartment or room are fine).
As the job was only confirmed at the end of last week I've been delayed
in checking out suitable accommodation so may have to go to a b&b (presuming that I can get somewhere that is initially as I'm due to arrive on Saturday.
Does anyone have any recommendations as regards b&b or budget hotel
and also what are the better districts within Zurich to rent in?
I'll be working at Flurstrasse in the city.
I've noticed a place at Urdorf (which looks like it's no more than 30 mins
travel to my workplace) so does anyone know about that area i.e. what it is like etc.?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards,

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