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Re: Running shoes advice

Like many Swiss I grew up constantly barefoot- running on grit or anything, all-weather didn't bother me. The feet of those that mostly wear shoes when growing up is different. I have very thick ugly pads covering the bottom of my feet, I have tried everything to get rid of it to no avail. It looks ugly in pretty shoes. I still don't wear shoes out of habit but most cultures see this as weird-primitive and unhygienic.

I don't like running shoes because they change the balance of my foot. But I don't run as a hobby.

I also have a massive big toe.

"The big toe is thought to carry some 40% of the bodyweight and is responsible for forward propulsion

Obviously, the ideal solution to the running related injury problem in shod
populations lies in barefoot locomotion, since protective adaptations seems to be
optimized for this state. Normally shod people would have to allow sufficient time for
adaptation of the plantar skin and intrinsic foot musculature (perhaps 6 weeks), and
run barefoot frequently, perhaps daily, to sustain this adaptation. However, once
adapted, the foot is extremely durable.

The lower extremity is inherently durable, and, when unencumbered by footwear, it
can endure running without signs of chronic overloading, because a vigilant system
restrains shock. The use of modern athletic footwear, in addition to being inferior to
older footwear in moderating shock during running, renders the lower extremity
susceptible to injury because of design flaws introduced by the preoccupation with
optimization of plantar comfort.

The obvious solution to the problem of chronic overloading in shod runners is to
promote barefoot running.
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