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Re: Dog parks in Switzerland

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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I am wondering if there any updates.

I would very much like to find a fenced dog park anywhere near Basel, since my schnauzer is getting very anxious to play. [And of course, I don't want to play with him at home because I live next to grumpy old sods who complain about any noise at any time of day. ]

I've seen a few areas where dog owners meet to let their dogs play, but I don't trust the areas because they are not fenced, and I don't have good verbal recall on the Schnauzer, plus he's got a very high prey drive. The last thing I need is for him to see a squirrel and take off running after it.

The Beagle could also use some socialization, but I'm not worried about him running away. He usually tires quickly at then comes and stands by me or goes off following his nose (nose on = ears off). So as long as I keep an eye on him he's easy to catch.

Has anything changed in recent years since this thread was started? Has anything been tried at all to get a fenced in dog park anywhere? It seems all the fencing and prime grassy areas go to playing football, or there's a sign that says dogs aren't allowed.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
As far as I am aware, there arent any fenced parks.

A solution to your problem until you've mastered the recall command, will be the schlep line (or at least thats how I know it as).

Qualipet will definitely sell it. It is a long long line where you hook it onto your dog like a lead and leave it on the ground whilst he runs free - but the end of the line must be within reach of your feet to step on if he doesnt want to come back. You can also practice training the recall command with your dog with this tool. I used it on my dog when he was a puppy to great effect.

Get the thinnest line as possible for smaller dogs - the objective is for the dog not to feel like he has a line dragging behind him
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