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Re: Continental Airlines dog import via Zurich?

We sent our dog via continental in August 2007. No problems, because at that time, continental had their pet safe program. Basically the animals were kept on the tarmac in an airconditioned vehicle until boarding was safe, and there were secure kenneling services at Newark. Our dog flew from Raleigh to Newark, was kenneled for a couple of hours and then flew on to Zurich. We picked her up without any problems. Here's the web site -- you might want to contact them.

We were very happy with their service, but there may have been changes in the last 4 years, and with the merger, there may be less service availabe.

I'd make sure you import the dog on a weekday so that there is a vet onsite.

Also, I don't recommend this, but we did have the wrong paperwork afterall, and the vet just waved us through. Also, I had Lily microchipped with a European standard microchip in the US, but they couldn't find it once she got to Switzerland and her vet here had to chip her again. Crap happens.

Good luck! But I'd check with continental.
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