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Re: RAV bridging between jobs

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No problem at all, they have to pay. I would have to look it up, but if I remeber correctly is the waiting period for people under 120k CHF just five days, so you get three weeks money. I think above that does the waiting period hit one months pretty soon in which case the wife wouldn't see a lot.

Some questions though:
- did the new employer suggest November or the wife?
- is the new employer aware of the wife's current employer closing down?

The RAV might give them a call and check weather somebody is generating a garden leave themselves... but they normally don't. I was in the same situation before and with the RAV for exactly one month. One thing I have to mention as it was insanely stupid: While I already had my offer, they insisted that I needed to continue to write applications for the one month! (But hey, I can pump out those ten applications a month within an hour if I do not want the jobs anyway and therefore send out some standard email with cv)

My husband went through the same thing with the RAV a few years ago. He finished one job then in the interim period of about a month or so, he was able to collect unemployment benefit.

He was not required to make the usual job applications normally required by the RAV and the whole process was fairly simple.

It makes sense to make use of the RAV / unemployment benefits even if it's for a short time - after all, we pay into the system; we might as well reap the benefits when we need it.
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