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Re: teething

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Kids are all different, but with us, it was about 3,5. Like a button was pressed. The minute she got verbal and could explain what she wanted and needed and why, the really mad tantrums were over. I have seen it with other multilingual kids, the fact they cannot express themselves well since the many languages are a bit overwhelming and they are generally verbally a little bit behind but socially well on spot, they have meltdowns. Well normal tots do, sure. But with us I noticed the breaking point of switching from meltdowns to more fun stuff, cooperation and story telling. I never believed people telling me one day you will miss the quiet phase of a nonverbal child, but hahaha, now I get stories, in 3 languages, every single second, the world stops because there are stories. She is happy to clean up since she can comment on it, she cooperates a lot more since now when I explain, she can ask the right questions she wants the right way and have things reexplained, etc. The tantrums were evil, but it felt like she needs to physically live through her handicap, and when she outgrew the handicap, it was gone. She loves to show she understands and is loyal, wants us happy. It's a tad odd.
The multi-lingual angle is interesting. She doesn't really have mad tantrums anymore (she's 4.5) and her language skills are good along with always telling stories (I love that part, really) I can't say that she works very hard to make us happy. I'll keep hoping.

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With food, we were strict. If she knew the food and refused, we stuck to what was for dinner, maybe offer some fruit or poridge instead, but I do cook a lot of things she eats, pasta, pizza, rosti, raclette, soups, meat (she is a meat eater). If she didn't know the food, she wasn't allowed from a table without taking one little bite to test it, mostly she liked it so she ate it.
This one is very stubborn. I used to cook a lot, I love to cook and bake, but now am discouraged to the point of despair as if she doesn't want to eat it, she just won't eat and go to bed hungry. They say kids won't starve themselves but, this one I'm doubtful about. She used to eat a lot more back home so I'm not sure if this particular struggle has been amped up due to the move and not liking it here.

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We all have tricks to trick them with, hahaha. One day they will be serving us food, that we won't be bothered chewing, I wonder.

Back to teething pains.
LOL Don't forget the adult diapers, too.
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