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Re: teething

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This one is very stubborn. I used to cook a lot, I love to cook and bake, but now am discouraged to the point of despair as if she doesn't want to eat it, she just won't eat and go to bed hungry. They say kids won't starve themselves but, this one I'm doubtful about. She used to eat a lot more back home so I'm not sure if this particular struggle has been amped up due to the move and not liking it here.
It does not have to be a kid moving here, really, ours was born here and asks at least once a day when are going to move to granny and grandpa, since it's more fun there and more family friendly...

I have a stubborn child, too, I do appreciate it, since they are usually strong characters and won't get lost in the big school later on...I agree with you kids won't starve, really, just let her manage her own little body, kids need to feel hungry sometimes, they do. Mom always used to say hunger is the best cook. All the flavors are different than to what she is used to. It was frustrating for me to struggle with food here in terms of the appetite of my child (she is a non eater, too, couldn't care less, not picky but tiny portions), and anytime we went to see my family, she would eat no matter what, a piece of an old roll, strange things...

She might want to be in control over something, I would leave her alone, for a bit, and then slowly implement consistent routines (a piece of fruit with breakfast, or no cartoons on weekend morning, and apple sauce for dinner as a desert, all sorts of fruit compots and tasty veggie stews, splitting meals to more courses also feeds our child more). Organizing cooking parties for my kid and buddies also worked a treat, kids would bake together, or cook together and taste new stuff. Another thing is to have your child at parascolaire (if she is in enfantine), the mid break, eating lunch with other kids. Mine comes home eating barley, even tasted a salad the other day, hahaha, all sorts of different tastes. When she sees other kids doing yummm yumm and stuffing their little mouths, she does it too. Explaining how food works and what has and what has no vitamins is also good, the other day I got a poster form "got milk" CH version, where in pics they explain calcium as building blocs, etc. I know, it sounds complicated, but when kids know that we eat for reason (bananas give you potasium, vegies figer, carbs are for brain, meat for muscles) they feel like they are making the decisions. Plus, some kids are super clever, and just won't do what parents want, out of principle, since they do not see any reasons that they are the ones that benefit and it is their bodies that need fuel, we don't do stuff just to make mommy happy. This age is normal to be egocentric, really. The pleasing part comes, sooner or later. Let her starve a tiny bit..Then sit down with her and work out a week food planning, have her shop with you, weighing things on scales, asking for food at the counters, picking up bread she likes. She will be the Jamie Oliver, hahaha.

Kurcinka's books on Powestruggles and kids are great. Webs on Positive parenting are also good, since one feels pretty normal when reading it.

I had people telling me not to stress, and looking back, they were so right. It's always the moment of panic, you think they will really starve to death, their teeth will fall out, they will fall off their little school desks unconscious, hahaha, I am exaggerating...but looking back, I can see my child is pretty consistent in what she likes, what she has troubles randomness. It's usually us that take time to figure these patterns out and make them work for us. Tangent, I now, sorry...

I purposely used food items for teething, by the way, or to play with on long drives and nibble on, hep me cut (she has cut with a knife for a while, she loves it, supervised) since I wanted to expand the palate a bit.
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