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Re: Thread titles - What first pops into your head, when you read one?

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Sometimes when perusing the "Today's Posts" list of thread titles, some just jump out and invite an immediate response (from me at least), purely from the title alone - immaterial of what the actual post subject matter may be.

It can either be, a case of the exact title having an ambiguous meaning, or an accidental, or deliberate misreading of one or more of the words, or just even typos.

I often have an insatiable desire to post a reply (in a troll-like fashion) on many threads, but really have to control myself - especially having read the opening post, and realising that a supposed attempt at wit, may no longer be relevant or appropriate.

I don't know if I'm the only weirdo in this regard, or if there are any other readers out there, who pick up on this?

So I thought it might be an idea to start a thread where anyone who spots a "funny" thread title could post a reply here, to include the thread title concerned (immaterial of the actual content), and their interpretation of it's meaning, and/or what reply they would make in relation to the title alone.

I hope this idea will a create a bit of light humour and not cause any offence to those who create a thread, on what might be a completely serious matter, but with an unfortunate or misconceived title.
Good idea for a thread TiMow.

This title thread was not misleading or misspelled or anything. It did exactly what it said on the tin.
But (like you I guess TiMow) after a while you realise that posting an 'amusing' reply can only lead to much EF PAIN and SUFFERING.

I once started a thread entitled 'Please Sit Down Before Reading This' to get attention and it was about finding a British Style white sliced loaf. Guilty your honour.
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