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Re: For B PermitHodlers, does the tax vary per commune?

Also with a salary above 120KCHF you are on Qst in case of a B permit. On top of that you have the obligation to file a tax return.

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If you are on Quellensteuer (tax at source, deducted from your paycheck) the tax rate applied is the cantonal average. Thus there is no advantage to living in one commune vs another within the same canton for those who must pay Quellensteuer.

However, once you are not on Quellensteuer (C Permit, or salary over 120,000 (IIRC)* for other permits, the local Gemeinde tax rate applies. And those rates vary quite a bit.

To give you an idea, here is the ZH 2011 Steuerfuss list by Gemeinde:

What this means is that if you earned 150,000 married, no kids, living in Neerach you would pay ca 28,090. Living in Zell you would pay ca 34,093. Same circumstances but making 1,000,000 - Neerach ca 321,316, Zell ca 379,739. (Data from Comparis, YMMV according to your individual situation.)

Or you could move to SZ or ZG and pay quite a bit less than that.

Out of interest, here is Quellensteuer by canton, income of 10,000 pm:


Does the 120,000 Quellensteuer limit still apply? I ask because I noticed that Comparis allows calculations for incomes up to 20,000 pm...
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