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Re: OK now tell me, what do you miss the most

What I love about Zurich -

low taxes, high salaries :-)
that people don't really care what language you speak,
that people are bi/tri-lingual more often than not,
the weather, although I'd prefer a little longer days in the summer
that we can be 20min outside the city, yet smack-bang in the middle of the country-side.
that public transport works,
that people don't throw their rubbish on the pavements (in the citiy).
that there are proper Italian restaurants
that people love children
that people can generally be trusted,
that health-insurance is not automagically included in my tax-bill.
nature - the mountains are awesome
that foods in my supermarket are generally of good/superior quality
low crime-rates,
that I can leave my door open and unlocked, occasionally even if I'm not in.
that my relationship with my neighbours is not just superficially "goodmorning/good evening".
Wow you got some really good points. Makes someone think,......

I think i need to move to Zurich, smile, as not all those points are going for Basel region.

You know i have noticed that one time i was at a ATM machine withdrawing some money, when my son Luca was playing with the door.. Well this older man, maybe in his early 60's was yelling, literally yelling at my son NOT to play with the door. Well Luca wasn't breaking anything and it was just a matter of seconds, so i really was so upset about this. But then again i have noticed that people like to get involved in the parenting of one's child. LMAO

Then i can sit in the tram and an older woman would smile at me and my kids, which again i think is so wonderful...

Also regarding "clean". not in my area. I have noticed that peopel walk their dogs along the Birs river letting them poop all over the place, BUT they ignore to pick it up, ewwwwh...... and the young crowd has no respect for nature anymore, oh well i either move to zurich or i will have to put some blinds on... LMAO LMAO
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