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Re: Cycling with kids -- trail-a-bikes and trailer bikes

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The first consideration is space. Do we want to use our precious cargo space to move both the trail-a-bike and the bike trailer?
At 5 years old she's not going to be in the trailer for much longer anyway. It's only good if you're going to take her out in all weathers or you need it for hauling the groceries.

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Also, I believe most apartments have some sort of cellar space, but do we really want to store both adult bikes, the trail-a-bike, and the bike trailer in the apartment and/or cellar?
You'll usually have a storage space or cellar and some apartments have a special bike storage. The latter can vary from a roofed space outside to a locked communal bike room. The bike room in my place wouldn't have room for a trailer but then I've seen places with enough space to party in.

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Does anyone know if trail-a-bikes are commonly used and/or legal in Switzerland?
They are used, but they're not seen so often. Yes, they are legal.

I can't say either way about the practicality of hauling groceries in a trailer. If you're in a town then the public transport and a trolley bag might be enough. The Mobility car-sharing scheme is a good alternative for the large/bulky/IKEA shopping.
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