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Re: Advices regarding family reunion or asking for a residence permit

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We are from Romania.

Thank you swissbob.
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Hello to all,

First of all thank you for your time to read this. This is my situation >

-I am working as an/pair with L permit
-I am married and I want to find a job for my husband also
-Problem is that my husband doesn.t speak german (only italian and some english)
-another problem is that I working as live/in au/pair,have a small salary and don/t have the power to justify that I can support him.
So,my dear all,what I can do? Where I should look for a job? Will he get a permit with the rights to search for a job? Where I should apply? I should go to Migration or Gemeinde?

Thank you.
Being an au pair involves a special work permit that does not allow for family reunification. Currently Romanians cannot get a job seeker permit so he will have to do it the hard way and find an employer to sponsor him.
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