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Re: Why I HATE Switzerland.

Just because someone chooses to live here doesn't mean they should live here with rose colored glasses or with their fingers in their ears yelling "lalalala" whenever something they don't like crops up.

No place is perfect, and there will be something that bothers everyone about where they live. Are you saying you have absolutely no complaints about living in Switzerland? Not a tiny, teeny niggling one?

It is like a marriage. If there are no arguments, then someone's giving in all the time and it isn't a healthy relationship.

And there are those who live here and don't necessarily choose to, and who may be a part of this list. Or those who chose to live here and are having trouble "fitting in". Or those who love it, but do have a few complaints. Or a multitude of other scenarios. But to say "love it or leave it" is simplistic and lacks insight.
Hi evilshell,

I've had complaints, but it was often misdirected and about petty things. For a long time I had to be reminded by a good Swiss friend that I was living in a foreign country and that differences are a natural part of that. I've finally come to accept these differences and embrace it as part of the excitement of living in a foreign culture.

While there are valid complaints, I think a lot of it has to do with the individual and not the country or people of Switzerland. It's possible to find problems no matter where you live. I agree that you shouldn't just go "lalalala", but if you have a problem you should do something about it: Just complaining doesn't solve anything.

I also had problems fitting in when I first immigrated and I understand how difficult it can be. But things changed once I realized that my happiness was my responsibilty. It's what you make of it. Thanks for the reply, chris
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